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  • Customised according to learner’s profile and requirements
  • Focus on team exercises and individual tasks
  • On-request workshops on in-demand topics
  • Learning through live practical exercises, best case studies and expert interaction
  • Enrichment through hand-outs, presentations, digital marketing tools
  • 20% Discount on CDMP course for workshop attendees

Why you must be a Skilfirst trained Digital Marketing expert

Scientific. Innovative. Flexible. Collaborative. In-depth. Practical

Basic to advanced concepts - All in one Course

Lifetime access to most up-to-date learning resources

Emphasis on rapid changes in digital marketing industry

Collaborative and engaging live lab sessions

Continual academic and non academic support


Our Methodology


We strengthen your fundamentals theoretically.

Live Projects

You participate in practical live projects to verify theories

Assignments and Quizzes

We test your fundamentals through quizzes and assignments

Certificate of fundamentals

You get a certificate of clearance to jump to advance learning

Best Case Studies

You learn to implement advanced concepts through impactful case studies of brands, products, services and companies that have leveraged these concepts successfully.

Advanced Concepts

We impart advanced concepts in simple to understand language.

Live projects on advanced concepts

You participate in live demonstration of sophisticated digital marketing tools and analytics softwares and execute projects on advanced concepts under expert supervision

Interactions and peer support

We provide one-to-one interaction with the trainer and create teams for peer interaction and exchange of unique ideas.
What are you waiting for? Trust us. Digital Marketing is interesting. But it is also the KEY to Growth!


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